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Regulator-Glass disengagment Low mileage '88 88 >

Regulator-Glass disengagment Low mileage '88 88

Regulator-Glass disengagment Low mileage '88 88

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Regulator-Glass disengagment Low mileage '88 88

1988 Delta 88 four door sedan H69, manual windows. 24,000 miles. Wife's daily driver. A sweet ride.
Left front window glass keeps falling down into door.
I can only suspect this is a known issue for H platform GM vehicles. I searched as best I could figure out in the forum, yet find no reference to this. Any suggestions, or pointing toward a thread, will be most appreciated.
I will do my best to use correct parts terminology, yet I find parts can be referred to by multiple names in various manuals.

The Regulator Guide rides in the Regulator Channel, and driven by the Regulator Tape, pushes on the Lower Sash Channel to move window up and down.

There are three components of the regulator guide
1) A plastic piece riding in the Regulator Channel with a pretruding metal tab cast into it.
2) A plastic piece riding in the Lower Sash Channel at the bottom of the glass.
3) A short metal peg rivited to tab of 1) and and engaging 2) with a ball and socket.

This ball and socket does NOT stay engaged.

We got two years ago with 14,000 miles when her mother died. Her mother got it new.
Garaged for it's first 28 years in mountains of KY. Window seldom used because "it was hard to roll up."
Three years ago, glass fell to bottom of door. Taken to neighborhood service station and "fixed," breaking a few pieces of plastic. Window remained hard to roll, then fell again. I taped it up, where it remained until we got home to SD.
Local repair shop here fixed it. Fell again.
Same shop fixed again, and installed a new regulator guide (Dorman 74442). Fell again.
I taped it with house-wrap tape and reflective metal tape for the long haul.
Now, many months later, wife has suggested several times window needs fixing.
Recently had local auto glass place highly recommended. Took it there. They pulled the trim panel off (as in - pulled the clips right through the cardboard), dismantled things, declared they had no idea what to do. I told them to not put it back together and they recommended a local body shop.
I drove to the recommended body shop. They reengaged the components of the regulator guide, and explained that someone had reinstalled the regulator with rivets, which they had to remove. They clearly did this with an angle grinder and not much self restraint. Reinstalled regulator with bolts. Returned it to me, still in pieces, and recommended I not roll the window up and down. Only charged me $30. I'd like to be able to say it was worth every penny. Not sure that would be true. The service manual states Regulator was riveted in. Because it is in my nature, I tried the window, which promptly fell again.
This has now become a mission. My mission. Car is in my garage and I have spent the last two weeks learning, thinking, assessing, trying and failing.

My resources:
Decades of driving old cars and boats and farm equipment and keeping them going myself with minimal resources. I do as well as most at figuring things out, and am fairly innovative. Fairly large variety of tools, a garage and a computer and the internet. My body work limited to hammers, welding, fiberglass, bolts and rivits. No window experience.

The following two videos were most useful to remove Regulator, replace Regulator Tape, and adjust window.
I have the dealer 1988 Oldsmobile "C" & "H" Parts book. (A little like reading Sanskrit.)
I have the dealer 1988 General Motors Body Service Manual for Passenger Cars.
I have the dealer 1988 Oldsmobile Chassis Service Manual covering Delta 88 Royale and Ninety-Eight Regency
I have Chilton's Generall Motors Bonneville/Eighty eight/Lesabre 1988-93 Repair Manual
I SEEK the 1988 GM document called "Know How reference Manual for C/H Tape Drive Window Systems."

What I have done:
Broken up plastic and torn up Trim Panel were already off, as was water defector
Removed Passive Seat Belt.
Cleaned Window Run Channels.
Removed Regulator Guide and Tape.
Thoroughly cleaned Regulator Channel
New Tape in Regulator with no lube (meant to be dry).
Removed and inspected Retainer Channel.
Lubricated everything including Window Run Channel, Retainer Channel, silicon sprayed window weatherstripping, crank mechanism.
Reinstalled entire window complex. Used bolts that now hold Regulator to Inner Door Panel, with washers to bolster the Inner Door Panel where damaged by the guy with the angle grinder.
Tried it. Fell again.
Installed another new Regulator Channel Guide.
Adjusted everything again. Fell again.
Several iterations of most of the above.
Removed top Regulator Channel bolt and lowered window 8 inches. Let Channel seek it's own position and shimmed top of regulator Channel outboard from inner door panel +/- 1/2 inch. Re-bolted. Thus the Regulator Channel Guide ball was not being pulled from it's socket. This helped. Fell again. But only at the bottom.
I shimmed the bottom of the Regulator Channel outboard from the Inner Door Panel +/- 3/8 inch. This helped a LOT. Many times up and down. I went to bed flush with conviction of victory. I awoke, and armed with a fresh cup of coffee and intention to re-assemble, decided to give it one satisfying last run through it's paces. IT FELL AGAIN. I am crestfallen.

Glass moves smoothly in the channel.
I am regrouping.
Suggestion? Knowledge? Advice? Criticism?
Anybody out there have "Know How reference Manual for C/H Tape Drive Window Systems?"
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