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Today 08:55 PM

What trans and gears are in the car?
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Today 08:41 PM

https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2 Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk% 2Fitm%2F133107960249 What a killer deal in my opinion. Did one of us on here buy it?
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Today 08:21 PM

Can you send a picture of it? Either here or by phone works for me.
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Today 08:15 PM

Car sales should be first with cash in fist gets it.
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By: Ray74
Today 07:53 PM

Norm How you got the YouTube posted to this site is a mystery to me there is no way I could have done that. I do appreciate that you could do it for me. Ray
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Today 07:48 PM

Front Lamp Harness done - almost along with the dash convinience light harness (3 hours) After scrounging up all the individual correct wires for fixing the alternator connector, I got the rest of...
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Today 07:39 PM

Is this Caleb? This is Jim, I have none.
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Today 07:31 PM

I believe Curt Anderson still has his, might sell it.
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By: PatL
Today 07:06 PM

Here you go.
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Today 07:01 PM

Pm sent
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By: 35olds
Today 06:52 PM

This link will give you more info on the Vapour Blasting process, but in short its largely water with a slurry of generally super super fine glass bead. At a micro level it peens the surface and...
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Today 06:52 PM

Ok I embellished a little... thanks for the direct link oldcutlass!
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Today 06:51 PM

We apply grub x mid June it helps some but still have plenty of jap beetles in our rose garden at work . The traps we get here are baited with pheromones so I feel they actually attract the beetles ,...
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Today 06:33 PM

I have a pair of Mondello cylinder heads that have 2.25 intake valves. These heads are bare and raw. They do come with valve guides and valve seats. One head has never been taken out of the box. I...
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Today 05:53 PM

https://cimg3.ibsrv.net/gimg/classicoldsmobile.co m-vbulletin/1102x826/735e9b1b_9e55_4a37_9 44c_119a0f934b0a_d7e 13b17b6bd82c609b9106 ce0991eb73086da1c.jp eg Finally! After four months of waiting my new...
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Today 05:17 PM

😜 thanks
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Today 05:02 PM

Our corn here was already tasseled on July 4th.
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Today 04:48 PM

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Today 04:37 PM

That is all the gear a guy needs for a driver with a late 400/455. That's a damn good price too.
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Today 03:53 PM

Hi All! New to the forums, here to learn as much as I can about 442's. I am the GSM of a Luxury/ Collector car dealership, and I am researching as much as I can for a W30 convertible that we are...
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