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On behalf of the Administrators, Moderators, and members of, welcome to the site! Please be aware of the following rules and regulations regarding usage and membership to this forum. The forum prides itself on being one of the best Classic Oldsmobile forums on the Internet. As such, itís important that we keep the site as friendly and on-topic as possible. The following rules outline how we try to keep this a place where anyone can feel comfortable and welcome.

Enjoy your stay!

BY USING THIS FREE SERVICE YOU RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT CLASSICOLDSMOBILE.COM CAN IN NO WAY BE HELD LIABLE FOR THE ACCURACY OF STATEMENTS MADE BY USERS OF THE SERVICE, OR ANY CLAIMS ARISING FROM TRANSACTIONS MADE BY USERS OF THE SERVICE. has no obligation to help you arbitrate an issue or dispute with someone selling items via the Classifieds section. If you have problems, it will be up to you to work them out with the seller.


- If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
- If possible try to make the deal in person. If you cannot, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use an Escrow service, such as or to handle money.
- If using Paypal, it is recommended that you only accept money from verified buyers, if you're selling accept from verfied sellers.
- If you get ripped off, it is recommended that you retain an attorney, contact your local law enforcement agencies, and contact the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center here .
- Buyers MUST keep a record of their payment whether it's a copy of a money order or a paypal email (Save the original email along with all of it's headers). Make sure it has the seller's name on it.
- Sellers MUST USE a traceable method of shipment and remember to write the buyer's address on it. This usually only costs a few bucks extra.

Following are the specific rules relating to both the Classifieds section as well as Business Advertising rules. If you use these sections, you are required to read and follow all rules.
Forum Rules are in place for all users of this site to make it a more pleasant place for everyone. It is a requirement of the Terms of Service of this site that all users read and follow these rules.

A community without rules - and people who enforce them - quickly becomes a very unpleasant place to be. On Internet forums like this one, Site Moderators enforce these rules. They take no pleasure in doing so, and there is no malice in rule enforcement - it's simply something that has do to be done. Moderators won't go looking for reasons to take action, nor are they hovering just waiting for an excuse to pounce on someone. But they also won't put up with disrespect toward themselves, other forum members, or the rules we have in place.

Moderators are here to help, and to keep the community running smoothly. They will however take action when needed, please don't put yourself in a position when they must take action against you.

Following are the details of the Site rules:
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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