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Generator Oil - 51 Olds 98

My 6 volt generator has 2 hinge cap oilers which the maintenance manual says to "supply 10 - 20 drops of light engine oil every 1,000 miles of operation". Can I simply use a 3 in 1 oil is is there a better oil for me to use in this instance? I have the car running now and the generator is performing perfectly but before I purchased it last year it had been sitting for about 15 years so don't know if it had been "topped up" before being stored. Also when they refer to 10 - 20 drops would that be per cap (as there are 2?). The manual goes on to say "do not oil excessively" so just want to make sure I don't over oil!

Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts on this.

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I would think engine oil you are using in the engine. Start with 10 drops in each cap. 3 in 1 oil is ok for a sewing machine but not the generator.
.....just my two cents worth
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Four years later the shop manual specified SAE 20 oil for the generator's oil cups. I'd probably choose non-detergent engine oil.
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I wouldn't use 3in1 oil. It is a bit thin. Just about any engine oil should work fine. The original bearing in the pulley end was an open bearing and will need oil. If it has been rebuilt it will probably be a sealed bearing and won't need oiled. Being a 51 it probably has been rebuilt in modern times and will have a sealed bearing. Of course you won't know what type of bearing was used unless you have seen it or know the rebuilder to ask which it is. To be safe oil it. The brush end has a bushing and be sure to oil it. Do not over tighten the belt as excessive lateral pressure on the bushing will cause premature wear. The generator belt needs to be tight, but not as tight as you would make an alternator belt.
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I use a container for eye drops with what ever oil is in the car (usually 15 40 Rotella) and leave it wedged in the windshield washer jar holder. When ever I check the oil in the car I give a few squirts to each cup.It takes no time and the car is always ready to go..... Tedd
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Thank you everyone for your replies and thoughts, more than helpful! Engine oil it shall be! Stellar thanks for the added info about the belt and bushing. Pretty sure it has not been rebuilt as the car has only 16,000 original miles on it and I believe I have all documentation, either way I will oil it.

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