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Help with Reference Manuals '73 Olds 88

Hi all, I have found these Olds parts books/ manuals but I'm not sure if they overlap with each other and have the same info or are different even though a couple seem the same.
I'm after a body & chassis parts catalog for my '73 Delta 88.
Is the info in these manuals contained in the Gold color '73 Olds Delta 88 Workshop and Fisher body manuals that I already have?

Also, can someone tell me what info the 'Parts History' catalog contains ?
They are quite expensive to ship so I'd prefer not to double up anywhere.

I'm thinking Joe Padavano would know, but please any help is appreciated.

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Paper n Parts on evilbay.

Great range of manuals on disc. I got discs for:
wiper motor
auto transmission adjustment
hydramatic trans diagnosis
heaps more.

There is also a book store there that I have purchased manuals for a few cars I have.
Exact copies.

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The Parts History Catalog is a listing of parts that were either dropped or superseded in the parts system. For example, when the 1971 Cutlass front fenders with the dimples came out, they were backward compatible with the 1970 cars, so the 1970 part number was superseded in the parts system by the 1971 number. All parts books printed after that show the newer part number as being used on the older application. This, by the way, is why that 1983 printing of the parts book is pretty much worthless. By April 83, very few original parts from the 64-72 cars were left in the parts system, and in many cases, part numbers were superseded. For example, that 1983 book shows only two BBO head castings, J and K heads. The K heads are shown as being used on all performance applications (ie, W-30 motors) and the J heads are shown for all other applications. That doesn't mean that K heads are correct for a W-30 or equivalent in function, it just means that they are the closest available parts that were still in the system at that time. NHRA accepted K heads as substitutions for D, F, and H heads. Again, this doesn't mean that they are equivalent, it just means that for NHRA stock classes these replacement heads do not provide an unfair advantage over the original heads.
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Thanks Joe.
So the only two of the above books worth the coin would be the "Olds '65-'73 Parts catalog 733" and the "Parts History Jan'73-Jan'75 ".
From what you said then, the Parts History would give me cross reference for parts across the GM group for similar body styles a, b & c 73-75?
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