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Survey says?!

Old June 12th, 2019, 03:57 PM
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Survey says?!

This is a few years away, but planning ahead is never a bad idea. My wife and I occasionally discuss retirement places to live. We each have climate/environment/activities etc that need consideration. Iím pushing 50 years old, and like to think of myself as pretty well traveled, but obviously there have been a lot more places i havenít been than I have visited. So, in no particular order, here is the wish list!!!

We currently live in central Indiana, hot and humid in the summer, usually cold and occasionally snow that accumulates in the winter. Iím not a small guy, I clearly havenít missed too many meals. We big guys donít like to sweat!!! I despise the humidity!!!! The wife loves the Tennessee area, to me, thatís more of the same summer heat and humidity, but with less of the snow that I enjoy.

The wife likes the beach, I generally couldnít care any less about it. I hate sand in my shoes, I try to avoid the beach in general for fear PETA may mistaken me for a beached whale, and attempt to roll me back into the ocean. We did spend some time recently in the Ocean City, Maryland area, I enjoyed that more than I thought I would have.

I generally dont donít care for ďtouristyĒ places. I donít care for crowds, and hate traffic, and bumper to bumper commutes. I have friend that lives in Indianapolis, he works 11 miles from his house. He leaves an hour before his shift begins in case of traffic. No thanks!! Where I live, traffic jams usually involve a combine or some other form of agriculture equipment.

The wife hates the the cold and snow. I use to enjoy that, back when I had a snowmobile and disposable income. Iím sure my days of blasting over rough trails at 80mph all day are behind me, but Maybe someday I will have a ďold manĒ touring type sled. My wife goes into ďhibernation modeĒ and in the winter doesnít go outside anymore than absolutely necessary.

Wherever i live, a thriving automotive group is a requirement. I enjoy going to the track occasionally to run my car. Having a all out race car has never appealed to me. I enjoy long drives, sightseeing, especially with my hot wife next to me. 😎😍.

A low cost of living is a requirement. I donít want a big house with lots up upkeep, but a garage is a requirement.

We we went on a family vacation in the Grand Canyon area in the spring, I LOVE it out there. The clear sky at night, the low humidity, cars and trucks without the dreaded ďtinwormĒ and environmental ďloctiteĒ appeal to me. The scenery is incredible to me, I could never tire of it.

We both enjoy travel, flea markets, sightseeing, history, museums, and unusual roadside attractions.

So, what places should we add to our places to visit?

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Old June 12th, 2019, 06:24 PM
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Aha, you need two homes, winter and summer, or different partners. I recommend two homes as the other option is way more expensive than another home.......... Tedd
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Old June 12th, 2019, 07:05 PM
Randy C.
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My wife and I are biased, but we just moved to Albany, OR, and love it here. It can snow here in the winter but it is rare and most of the time when it does snow, its gone by the next day. Every once in a great while there will be a big snow - a foot or so - but that's far more the exception than the rule.

The summers are great. Most of the time it's in the 70s and 80s with not a lot of humidity. The winters are in the 30s and 40s. They say there is lots of rain but it's certainly not as much as what we had where we were before in Olympia, WA.

I-5 rolls through here but it is seldom congested. Albany and surrounding area has a population of about 55,000. Most of the major stores are here, although they are not stocked as well as the bigger cities. We discovered that sometimes we have to go to Salem (25 minutes away) or Eugene (35 minutes away) if we are looking for more variety.

In the Willamette Valley, you are 1.5 hours away from the coast if you want to go there. The Oregon coast is COLD most of the time, with northerly winds of 20-30mph in the summer time. It can be sunny but the marine layer (i.e., an elevated fog) can stay around for days. Summers are usually in the low 60s and winters in the low 50s with lots of rain. What we like about being retired is that we can pick and chose when we go to the coast. What we look for is an off-shore wind that will bring coast temps into the 70s and 80s, even in the dead of winter. That's when we go!

The Willamette Valley also gives us a route to central and eastern Oregon, which we still need to explore. The total square mileage of Oregon is the same as all of New England plus most of New York state.

We belong to a local car club, the Rollin' Oldies. You can check out their web site at There is another car club in this area but I don't know its name. The Rollin' Oldies are pretty active, much more so than my wife and I are!

Cost of living is a little high here. Our house is a 3bdrm 2.5ba at 2350 sq. ft. and we paid $470K for it. The clincher for us was the high-ceiling garage space...a big 2-car garage plus a third garage that's 45' long and has a 2-post 9000 lift along with a high dollar Snap-On air compressor all plumbed in. The lot is only .24 acres.

Oregon has an income tax but no sales tax. We heard property taxes were high but we are paying the same here that we were paying in Washington for property tax. The question we had to ask with a monthly income tax of around $200, do we spend that much each month in sales tax?

So that's my pitch for Oregon...kinda far away from you but perhaps a possibility. On the other hand, I have good friends that live in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and they love it there!

Randy C.
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You have time to think and decide. Everywhere is going to be a compromise between you and wife. Maybe take a look at eastern Tennesee, Chattanooga/Knoxville, I-75 corridor.
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Old June 13th, 2019, 04:36 AM
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Hopefully retirement wonít be happening for a while. I still have kids in school and family here. I just want to get out of that factory while Iím still young enough to enjoy life.

I have joked many times that 2 homes would be the ideal solution. All I need is a winning lottery ticket for that to happen Itís not a good idea to joke about a off-season spouse unless your an excellent husband with spotless credentials (even then, itís not advised!)

The northwest area (Oregon, Wyoming, Washington) is the only part of country we havenít visited yet. Thatís on our list.

Keep the suggestions coming.
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Originally Posted by matt69olds View Post
We we went on a family vacation in the Grand Canyon area in the spring, I LOVE it out there. The clear sky at night, the low humidity, cars and trucks without the dreaded “tinworm” and environmental “loctite” appeal to me. The scenery is incredible to me, I could never tire of it.
You just asked and answered your own question. Why not the Flagstaff, Arizona area? It's a jumping-point for the Grand Canyon and lots of other scenery, it's a good size town, so there's decent shopping. Phoenix is only two hours south on an interstate highway if you or your wife need the occasional big city fix, want to take in a ballgame, or want to just get away for a weekend. Sedona is just a half-hour south, and, while it's touristy, it's one of the most beautiful areas anywhere with lots of outdoor activities, and you don't have to actually live there. Flagstaff is a college town with Northern Arizona University, so there's cultural things to do. It's a higher elevation than Phoenix or Tucson, so you do get four seasons. If you get tired of snow and 25 degrees, hop in the car, and, in less than two hours going south, it's 70 degrees and sunny. And, heck, Flagstaff is right ON Route 66, so there's a built-in car culture.

We faced a similar situation in 2012. I retired from a job in Ohio, and we wanted to get to a place with warmer weather, scenic, and dryer, and we moved to southern New Mexico. Very pleased with the area. Las Cruces is a smaller (100,000), less hot, less crowded version of Phoenix (1.5 million) or Tuscon (500,000). Las Cruces has one of New Mexico's two major universities (New Mexico State), so there's all kinds of college athletics, theater, etc., to attend.
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Flagstaff is a bit on the expensive side for housing, so take that into consideration. This from Zillow:

The median home value in Flagstaff is $376,700. Flagstaff home values have gone up 6.2% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 2.9% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Flagstaff is $226, which is higher than the Flagstaff Metro average of $223. The median price of homes currently listed in Flagstaff is $425,000 while the median price of homes that sold is $389,900.

Originally Posted by jaunty75 View Post
Las Cruces is a smaller (100,000), less hot, less crowded version of Phoenix (1.5 million)
That's just the Phoenix city limits. Nowdays you can't tell when you're in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, etc. It's just one big non-stop metro area with a population of 4.9 million.

Don't move here.
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No where is perfect, moves are very stressful. Just do your due diligence. We just moved from North Texas to Eastern Oklahoma where the cost of living is on paper cheaper. Time will tell. Very pretty with a lot to do and see in the area. I am enjoying my 800+ sqft garage and bought a 12x10 storage building for anything not car related.
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Originally Posted by matt69olds View Post
The northwest area (Oregon, Wyoming, Washington) is the only part of country we havenít visited yet. Thatís on our list.
I'm 56 so I'm in a similar boat as you (although my youngest is only 10). I grew up in the Northeast (CT) and moved to Central NY 10 years ago because my wife is from the area. Aside from the political reasons I dislike this area (no, I won't go there), I find it very difficult to deal with the continual cloudiness. Like the Pacific NW, CNY is in the clouds for 9 months a year and it's beautiful here....for 3 months. Those that were born and raised here, don't even notice. For those that aren't from here, it's difficult to describe to them what they are missing. Even my wife, who lived in Boston for 16 years, doesn't really fathom the depth of darkness that exists in this part of the country........
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The grass always looks greener, till you get there. If you have children there's a good chance one/all will end up in another part of the country. No sense wasting time on trying to find the perfect location. Where the Grandkids are is where your wife (boss) will probably want to move to.
I have a Son that's been in the Charlotte area for 17 years. He only married 8 years ago and has 2 boys under 6. He's mentioned a few times about me moving down there. I don't like the area and luckily for me my Daughter/SonInLaw and 2 Grandkids 7&10 live nearby, both Attorneys, so their staying here. I actually like Ohio and I'm set in my ways. I like driving and I can make the drive to Charlotte with no problems.
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Glad you posted this, I'm in a similar position. We seem to have the same personality and weather condition needs. I have used that line in similar form a few times going into work for the night tour...

"Running a little late, so someone needs to hold up for me. I went to the beach with the kids and a crowd kept pouring buckets of water on me and kept pushing me towards the water."

Living in Long Island, NY with 3 kids there's no chance for disposable income to travel. My youngest is 10 oldest 14 so I figure in 8 years I'm done.That will give me 30 years of service with NYC at 59-1/3'rd years old. Like Mike from Central NY says, politics ruined this state. I should have the house nearly paid off and hopefully get near 700k for it. That should make buying somewhat easier. I thought of moving to the Adirondack mountains but with our present state government chasing out big business on a regular basis the taxes just keep going up. And the gun laws will soon not allow you to even protect yourself in these areas where law enforcement is at minimum 1 hour away at high speeds. NY State is done. My choices would be Northern New Hampshire, South West North Carolina, Virginia (west side), Delaware and the few long shots would be North West Utah, Montana, Iowa, and Oregon. Since I've only been to Utah the others are real long shots. I want trees and property. Small house and a 5 million square foot garage.

Did some training in Snow Flake, AZ a few years back and stayed in Show Low. That was an interesting ride from Phoenix, cactus after cactus with nothing but sandy rock and suddenly a forest with a snow storm. On the way back we drove through a forest fire. Lot's of cars and trucks out there for our liking. Cost for homes in the woods can be a little costly but within 1/2 hr you're in a different climate. Flagstaff is what?, about an hour and a half away? Might be worth a look. Either way keep us posted on your updates.

Jaunty75, I just came back from that area. Did another week of training at the bomb range in Socorro. Box Canyon was cool. Did a lot of driving after the classes let out each day. I will say that's not a move for the faint of heart but the car culture looks like it thrives there. I did see the Starship Enterprise hiding in the clouds out by the satellites.

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We are in southeast Georgia just off I-95 where the humidity is ridiculous and the summers hotter than blazes. No snow here but it will get cold in January. Cost of living is lower than a lot of other places and you can enjoy sea breezes if you live on the coast. Because of the way the coastline kicks inward in this area most hurricanes bounce past us. I did a lot of on the job traveling and one place that both the wife and I enjoyed is the Kitsap peninsula in Washington state. Less rain there than on the other side of Puget Sound (Seattle). Occasional snow in the winter but it doesn't stay long and the temperature is mild almost year round. Housing may be a bit high in places. The car scene is great out there, some of the nicest looking rides I've witnessed.
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I'm in Evansville, grew up in Florida. May not stay with Toyota much longer, so I may move someplace else. I really enjoy central Texas from hunting out there, or I may go to the middle of Kentucky around Bowling Green. I don't want to go any further north.

Pick areas of the country based on climate, politics, economy, and demographics.
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We love it here in Central TX but the Summers can be brutal. Today it's 93* and the humidity is at 60%.
Of course for us the lake is only 2 blocks away so there's that.
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I have a 2nd home in the NE Georgia Mountains, Close enough o major cites [Atlanta, Gainesville] for medical care Only a few inches of snow every year that doesn't last long Plenty of peace and quite but still convenient . That;s where I want to park permanently
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Something to consider on second homes. I also have a summer place on Eagle Lake near Susanville Ca. Summers are a cooler the lake is nice but winters there can be bitter cold so I shut it down in winter and because maintenance is high It only gets used 8-9 months out of the year Other than the lake not very much different than my home, both are in the woods/mountains. The only issue is all my relatives want to go there and I become the major maid and care taker fixer upper for the place. Seems I spend most of my vacation time getting the place ready for someone else to use and enjoy. For what it costs I could go most anywhere , stay in fancy hotels and see new sights and still save money but you know that isn't really my style.... Tedd
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As I said earlier, hopefully a move is several years away. For the most part, Chrysler has been good to me, Iím hoping for at least another 10 good years. The purpose of this thread is to add places to my need-to-visit list, the northwest has appeal to me. Thanks!!!
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