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I need help

if my piston in my 455 are rattling in the block what caused this. I must be honest when I first go the car I was having a little fun with it because it ran very well when i FIRST GOT IT NO BLOW BY NO BLUE SMOKE NOTHING AND WOULD LIGHT UP A SET OF TIRES MOTOR IS BASICALLY STOCK HIGH RISE INTAKE HIGH PERFORMANCE, FUEL PUMP 12 BOLT POSI. iN PROGRESS OF BASIC REBUILT NOT TRYING TO GO BROKE $$$$$$ ARE HARD TO COME BY
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broken piston skirt?

definte rattling? Do you mean now with the engine torn down when you turn the motor over by hand they are rattling in their bores, or are you talking about a rattling sound when its running?
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no rattling while it was running it is being torn down now for a basic rebuild my uncle is the master builder but he want to try to save me money. He says if the stock cam and lifter don't show any issuue I should reuse them but everything else will be new bored .30 psiton you know just the basics
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u have three "i need help" post. ur not asking for much are u. lol

if ur piston is rattling in ur block that is not good. could be brokin piston skirt, all ur rings broke but then u would have blow by. or ur piston pin came loose. ur timing could of been up to high and u was hearing pinging from todays crappy gas. do u know what kind of pistons are in it and what u had ur timing set at?

ur piston probably wasnt rattling.
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To quote myself:
Originally Posted by MDchanic View Post
So it sounds like you think it's got a rod knock? Are you sure it's not a lifter?

If your uncle is experienced, did he hear it, and agree that that was the problem? Have you taken the oil pan off yet and checked the rod bearings?

It's hard to make good recommendations without more information.
I'd recommend sticking to one thread if you can , to avoid confusion.

- Eric
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I think whoever built it the first time was trying to save money,and now it's apart.
Do you know for sure that the piston were what you heard rattling?
Was there any difference in oil pressure or temperature before & after this happened?
Did you switch to 87 octane during any of this?
It's a little hard to troubleshoot without seeing it.
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