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71/72 LKQ front bumpers - anyone fixed this?

The driver's side park lamp bracket was welded in the wrong place. The manuf says "no one checks that closely, all of them might be that way". The vendor is asking me what to do.

Anyone seen this same degree of error on the common 71/72 repop front bumpers? This is Tamraz's "USA Chromed" bumper, but they use the same stampings that everyone else uses from Taiwan. The slightly cheaper ones just also get chomed overseas.

Pass side is perfect!

Driver? Not so much.

The manuf suggested "bending the tabs". Well, they can't bend that much. I'd have to cut apart the bucket and rebuild it, likely with angle brackets.

Anyway, just asking if anyone has gotten repop fronts recently and seen the same kind of problem. I'm trying to guess whether this is a repeated error in the jig, or a one time operator error in using the wrong jig. The driver bucket is welded in at the same angle as the pass bucket, instead of the opposite angle.

In other news, the first rear bumper had a 1" x 1/16" flake down to the copper along an edge where the wrapping was strapped. Tamraz was good about that, got a replacement to me within a week. The holes in the rear light brackets were completely wrong, but some time with a grinder and a drill got them acceptable.

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I had the same problem with the one I bought from Fusicks in 2012. We worked on the tabs to get the light to sit slightly better. Luckily you won't see it once it's installed. No one will notice it except for yourself.
Same problem with the rear bumper too. In fact I could never get the taillights to sit straight in the openings. Redrilled and filed too. Welcome to the world of reproductions.
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Vendor wasn't terribly helpful, but we got it to look halfway decent. I'm not thrilled about it, but that's what I get for a cheap repop part.

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