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The seller of my old car has revised the Ebay auction description as of 09:09:45 PST today (Dec. 29th):

I have got a lot of questions about the trim tag on this car so Im selling this car that is red now and dont know if it could have been a green car or not. I dont know if it as a factory a/c car but it does have a/c now. I do know that it is a true 442 and a factory 4-speed car.

Interesting that with less than 24 hrs to go in the auction, he is NOW unsure about the color change or A/C, but still KNOWS FOR SURE that it is a factory 4 speed 442. Gee, how can he be sure about that? If the tag was changed before he got the car, then presumably he was lied to by the guy who sold it to him (i.e. about the color being original). Or he just assumed that was the case based on the current cowl tag. Either way, how can he NOW be sure he wasn't lied to about it being a factory 4 speed 442? Because that is what the cowl tag says? The FAKE cowl tag that indicates that it WAS originally red when it couldn't possibly be?

There is a saying: "oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." That's because once you start lying, you have to lie again to cover the first lie. Eventually, the inconsistencies add up and you are busted. I want to know how it is that he NOW doubts what the cowl tag says (and presumably the previous owner told him) about the color, but trusts both implicitly when it comes to it being a 442 and a 4 speed car at that.

*I* know it is a factory 4 speed 442 because I owned the car before the original cowl tag was changed. But as far as any future buyer is concerned, that car might as well have been an auto-on-the-column Cutlass. Which is why it was so incredibly stupid to change the cowl tag on an already very rare and exceptional car just to deny a color change.
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