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Lightbulb Edelbrock 1406 throttle return/bracket modification

Figured I'd post some pictures of what I had done to get the Edelbrock 1406 to work when mounted on a Edelbrock 3711 intake manifold, in regards to the throttle cable and return spring.

I saw several posts from others asking how to make this work and no real concrete answers except for the obligatory "get rid of the Edelbrock and install a Quadrajet"

Parts used:
Olds 4 BBL throttle cable
Olds 4 BBl throttle cable bracket
Mr Gasket 6009 Carb Spacer
Summitracing Carb Throttle Return Kit (Part # SUM-G1327)
Bushing- Custom made (i.e. what I had in the garage)
Spacer - Custom made (i.e. what I had in the garage)
5/16" bolt, flat & lock washers

1. Installed 1" carb spacer, which is needed to clear the EGR block off plate. The MRG 6009 is a kit that allows you to switch from an open spacer to a 4 hole spacer. I used the 4 hole. It should be known the 4 hole is designed to go from square bore (1406) to an original Olds intake manifold. Basically the holes are gradually offset to mate with the spreadbore. Doesn't matter with the 3711 dual plane intake, but figured I would let it be known that there are other carb spacers that could be used. In my case, this is what they had locally that I could get the same day.
1a. The spacer connects to the intake manifold separately. 4 bolts utilizing the inside 4 holes.
1b. Then the carb bolts to the spacer.
**Again, this is unique to the spacer I purchased, the spacer you get may be different

2. Install carb... well almost, I still had to bend the bottom of the throttle linkage slightly to clear EGR block off plate.

3. Install throttle bracket. The Olds 4 BBL bracket is designed to mount to the Q-jet. It does not fit on the back 2 mounting studs of the Edelbrock. So I cut the bracket to fit the back left mounting stud. Now I had to use a longer stud than what came in the MRG 6009 kit. I had a 2" stud to use in this case.
3a. I placed a flat washer on top of the mounting stud nut. Than I put the bracket on top of washer. Then another washer on top of bracket and finally followed up with a lock washer and nut. I tightened everything up.
3b. The bracket does sit in more towards the carb and does not naturally line up with throttle linkage of 1406. (The pictures will highlight that)
3c. Installed throttle cable on bracket.

4. Install summitracing SUM-G1327 carb throttle return kit. This kit is designed for a Holley carb, but I made it work for my application.
A spacer is needed to raise return spring bracket to the same height of throttle linkage.
**Now you probably don't need a spacer but I have learned that keeping the return spring on the same plane as the throttle cable makes for an efficient process. Essentially the mechanisms are pulling back and forth on the same line and no other angles are impacting the movement.**
4a. My spacer I had laying around in my "just in case I need it" pile of stuff. At any rate, it fit perfect for my needs.
4b. The spacer will fit in between throttle return bracket and intake manifold. On the 3711, there are two 5/16" bolt holes that are available. I used the one closest to the center line of intake.
4c. I placed the spacer, then a flat washer, then the bracket, another flat washer, a lock washer and button everything down with a 3 1/2" long 5/16" bolt.
4d. Adjust bracket so it lines up with throttle linkage and tighten bolt rest of the way. Attach return springs (this can be done later, as well).

5. Hook up end of throttle cable to linkage. For the throttle return, the large hole (approx 1/2" in diameter) is utilized. The SUM-G1327 comes with the necessary parts for the return spring. I had to make a bushing for the end of the throttle cable to slide over and attached hardware the throttle return kit utilized.
5a. The kit comes with 3 linkage bushings. The bushing are "stepped". The stepped portion of bushing is installed and fits perfectly inside the large hole of throttle linkage. The other two bushings have the stepped portions facing each other to allow the spring bracket to move freely as the linkage is pulled rearward and forward.
5b. Next comes the homemade bushing, then the end of the throttle cable is placed over that. Finally, the socket head cap screw and lock nut are installed.
5c. The throttle return kit comes with a diagram to show how things go together. Incorporating the end of the throttle cable with the return spring hardware was just a means to an end. The linkage on both ends allows WOT capability and closed throttle blades; all without any binding or disrupting the operation of other parts of the carb.

Below are pics of the install. Hopefully, those in conjunction with the lengthy dissertation will make sense. Regardless, there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, so be as creative as necessary to get the job done.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1406 Throttle Cable bracket mod.jpg (67.0 KB, 157 views)
File Type: jpg 1406 Throttle Cable bracket mod 2.jpg (95.3 KB, 159 views)
File Type: jpg 1406 Throttle Cable bracket mod front view.jpg (29.5 KB, 145 views)
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This is a HUGE help. found a 3711 locally for low low price and the carb I've had. for what a 2711 costs, the minor mods are worth it. Plus I already have the spacer for an original Olds 4bbl.
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Will your mod work on the 425 Big Block as well? I have a 1406 I am trying to install on my 66 Olds Toronado. Here's what mine looks like;
Click the image to open in full size.
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Originally Posted by 76olds View Post
Danoldsman I would put a 1 inch spacer under your carb and purchase the throttle linkage accessory kit, I picked mine up at performance improvments up here in Toronto I got the stainless steel set with new springs, throttle cable, and linkage. Its all good with a spacer your intake looks to be non egr so no need to bend your carb linkage. The accessory kit is fully adjustable. If you decide not to go with a spacer its ok as well. Put your return spring in the large hole at the top .
Thanks 76Olds,
Thanks for the reply to my post. I am wondering if I do the mod should I have the parts Defiant1 made using parts around the garage machined by a trusted machinist. Mainly the throttle linkage attachment, this way I can use factory clips to attach the throttle cable. I don't want to have to make a bushing for the end of the throttle cable to slide over and attached hardware the throttle return kit utilized. Everything else seems straight forward except where to buy the throttle linkage accessory kit. Also I'm not even sure if the Summit racing Carb Throttle Return Kit (Part # SUM-G1327) but The kit comes with 3 linkage bushings, but I guess theres no other way to obtain the 3 linkage bushings. The "stepped" ones.Especially The stepped portion of bushing that fits perfectly inside the large hole of throttle linkage. For less than ten bucks I guess its the only way I can get those parts. Again making the throttle linkage attachment is my biggest concern, theres one idea I have and that is remove it from the QuadraJet and spot weld it to the Edelbrock, but here again having one machined seems the better route, Does that sound feasible?
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Dave84, you have a solid throttle rod, all you need is a rubber grommet with the plastic sleeve that slips into the big hole on top of the carb throttle linkage. The you just need to adjust the length of the rod to the firewall ensuring you get full throttle.

D1, that's a nice setup.
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