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200R4 water contamination worry

Dear friends,

I bought a neglected 87 cruiser. Had it's oil replaced with a new filter, dropped pan of the 200R4 and replaced ATF.

Then I ran the engine just to check whether the things are OK. It idled with 50 PSI oil pressure but had its throttle plates stuck, so I could not rev it.

Later I removed both engine oil and ATF before it was sent away to be swapped to a new chassis. Just before the swap, it was pressure washed at the garage.

After it came home in the new chassis, I removed spark plugs and squirted some oil in to the cylinders, put new engine oil and oil filter and rotated the crank by hand using a rachet a few times to get oil going around. I stopped when oil came out where the oil pressure sensor is mounted at the top (307).

Later when I removed the tranny pan, I found strawberry milkshake like liquid in it.

This could probably be fluid from the torque converter flowed in to the pan (engine and trans was inclined about 45 degrees when taken off the chassis) mixed with water (probably from the washing) either from dipstick or cooler line orifices.

Is water denser than ATF? And partially soluble? I found few spoonfuls of water at the bottom of the pan. Could that amount of water make ATF take that color?

I cleaned the sump dry and installed the pan. But my worry is whether my hand rotating of the engine has introduced contaminated fluid in to the trans/torque converter so that it can make a damage?
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Are you running just water in the radiator? I would bypass the cooler in the radiator and hook up a remote trans cooler instead. Change the fuid, clean the pan and the filter. You can fill it with fresh fluid, have a case on hand or even better a large jug or pail. Put the top hose in a large empty drain pan, put the other hose in a full ATF container. Idle the motor until the fluid looks red instead of pink. Good luck.
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X2, do as explained. You'll probably be fine.

Good luck!!!
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Thank you..I'm sorting out the wiring harness at the moment according to factory spec. Will update results when engine is started once again.
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