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Curious about Vin#

I was looking at the H/O Club website...
They list a '73 H/O as having a 'G' in the Vin# for 'Cutlass S' and a '74 H/O as having an 'AG' in the Vin# for 'Cutlass S' ...
My '74 H/O Vin# is 3G37M4Mxxxxxx
Does that mean my car has a '73 body? Or built in '73?
The warranty papers list that the car was delivered to the original owner (who special ordered the car) on 6-28-74 (hey! that's tomorrow!) with 258 miles at time of delivery....
Boy, I wish I had the original invoice. It might shed a little light about the car...
Anyone have any insight, or was GM just throwing everything around in the early seventies?
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Their information isn't always gospel. 3G37 is the 1973-77 Olds VIN code for an Oldsmobile (3) Cutlass S (G) fastback coupe (37). A is GM/Fisher Body code for all midsize cars, in Oldsmobile's case, Cutlass. AG37 is the sales and ordering code which doesn't show up in the VIN and sometimes not on the data plate.

258 miles at delivery sounds like that car may have been an Indy 500 Festival car or used by dealer or zone as a promotional car. Run the VIN thru H/OCA; they have a list of all 1974 Pace Car program VIN's that were at the track and who they were assigned to, though I've always been told all the track cars were white.

3G37M4M translates to

3- Oldsmobile Division GMC
G- Cutlass S
37- coupe
M- 350-4 barrel carb with dual exhaust (single exhaust 350 cars are K)
4- 1974 model year
M- Lansing MI assembly plant

So rest assured you have a 1974 car.
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Just talked to the previous owner. He said the car WASN'T special ordered. It was bought off the lot. He gave me the original owners phone number. I'll try calling her sometime this week to ask a few questions about the car and see if she has any thing related to the car I.E. window sticker, invoice etc.
That explains the mileage. It's still kind of odd that such a small dealership (pop. 1,500, only dealership in town) would have that as an inventory car. I'm kind of curious if the dealership ordered it with all those options, or if they were just lucky to get one from the factory?

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