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Changing Transmission Fluid

Are there any special tricks besides dropping the pan? I can't find a tranny pan gasket on any of the sites- do I use a tube of something? Is there a filter to change while pan is off? Sorry for the dumb question- just can't find any info on this in service manual.
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Uh, what service manual do you have? it will all be covered in the 67 Olds factory Chassis Service Manual. Even Chilton's or Motor's usually have a section on servicing transmissions and other maintenance components.

If you're going to the trouble of dropping the pan for a fluid change, by all means change the filter while you're in there. The filter kit will have a new gasket.

Clean the pan and the sealing surfaces and then use small dots of gasket adhesive spaced around the pan lip to hold the gasket in place while you're putting it back on the trans. Some newer gaskets have special bolt holes punched out so you can put a few pan bolts back in and the threads will hold the gasket in place. That does make it easier.

Then again I have never changed trans fluid in my life that I didn't get it all in my hair and everything else.

You might have to think out of the box to find a correct filter kit for your car. One for the ST300 or Jetaway is probably gonna be obsolete or special order most places. If a parts monkey tries to sell you one for a Powerglide, run the other way. The two transmissions are way different.
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You're just not looking in the right places.
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Thanks for that- parts ordered
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I would suggest not taking all the bolts completely out before breaking the gasket seal-keep one in each corner and slowly let the pan down in one corner.You are still going to get a mess,but at least controlable! ---bil
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While your at it add a drain just like your oil pan. Easy peasy
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Be careful if you use gasket sealer on the transmission pan gasket. If you use too much and it goops out inside the transmission pan the extra RTV can break free and wreck havoc on your valve body. FWIW, I never use sealer or RTV on my transmission pan.

I agree with Pat, put a drain plug in the pan while you're at it.
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I changed my flud without dropping the pan at all. I disconnected the cooler lines from the radiator. Then put the outlet into an empty bucket and started the engine for about 30 seconds, old fluid pumped right out. Dont know if its bad for tranny but I did when tranny had 150K, it now has 200k miles and still working fine!

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Originally Posted by Beob View Post
Dont know if its bad for tranny
Wow, remind me not to buy any of your cars!

This doesn't sound like it's good for the tranny, either. It would be like draining your engine oil by removing the filter and then running the engine until oil stopped coming out. Of course, you'd have no engine left, but you'd have at least gotten the oil out!
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Set you drain pan on one of those flat pans that look like a giant cookie sheet. Its a huge help at getting the rest of the fluid that does not make it in the pan.
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