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How to store an engine

Found an engine and I don't want to go into too much detail until I have it

I was talking to the girl at Advance she knows her stuff when it comes to cars and she was telling me to shink wrap (or put in trash bags) it and store it dry and when it come time to put it in a car, redo the valve guides and I'll be good to go.

The engine has no manifold or no carb. Valve covers are off but I'm stopping by the Summit store on my way home from Homecomming and picking up those resealable valve cover gaskets that I like so much. I wasn't going to by a manifold.

Any other thoughts. Thinking it will sit 2 to 5 years

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Joseph Blusnavage
Shrink wrap is good and dry real good. You may want to think about putting some valve covers on it. Key is wrap it so no moisture, bugs, rodents can nest inside. Before wrapping spray rustable areas with WD-40 or the like. I see no reason why valve guides or stem seals would require any attention after storage.

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Redog, check Eastwood. They have engine storage bags that are treated to prevent rusting. Not sure if they have one to fit the whole engine, but definitely know they have one to fit the block. Also, as said, definitely WD40 parts that are exposed metal.
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Instead of WD40 you might use light machine oil. It would probably adhere better than WD40. Also, make sure you run the oil pump to circulate oil through the engine when you take it out of storage.
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I loosen all the rockers so that that none of the valves are stored open. I purchase a product from the marine store that you spray in the cylinders of boat motors that are stored over the winter and spray that in each cylinder. Then oil the motor down as suggested and I use the Eastwood storage bag.

Make certain that the engine is NOT sitting on the concrete. Put it on two by fours or something...... IT WOULD BE BEST IF WERE STORED IN A HEATED AND AIR CONDITIONED GARAGE IF POSSIBLE....This stops the dramatic changes in temperature and humidity that cause moisture to form.....
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